Mudvayne's Psychotherapy Sessions summer tour with Coal Chamber, GWAR, Nonpoint and Butcher Babies kicked off last night (July 20) and the headliners played a 15-song set that included the first-ever live performance of "Fish Out Of Water" as well as their cover of The Police's "King of Pain."

The trek, which runs through Aug. 26, launched in West Palm Beach, Florida amid the scorching heat blanketing most of the United States. It was the very first headlining tour performance for Mudvayne since playing their first comeback show in 2021 at the Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival.

It's been all fest stops for Mudvayne until now and it was a notable night for the reunited Coal Chamber, who also made their first tour appearance since playing their first reunion show earlier this year at the Sick New World Festival.

For both fans who grew up with the bands in the mid-to-late 1990s and 2000s and those who never had a chance to witness them back then, this tour is a special one.

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The kickoff found Mudvayne playing a cover of The Police's "King of Pain" live for the first time as well. The song originally appeared on the band's 2007 compilation By the People, For the People, while "Fish Out of Water" is culled from 2008's The New Game.

View the tour kickoff setlists for Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, Gwar, Nonpoint and Butcher Babies directly below.

Mudvayne Setlist — July 20, 2023 (via

Mudvayne, Chad Gray
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

01. "Determined"
02. "Under My Skin"
03. "Internal Primates Forever"
04. "World So Cold"
05. "A New Game"
06. "Not Falling"
07. "Prod"
08. "Nothing to Gein"
09. "Fish Out Of Water" (Live debut)
10. "Severed"
11. "Death Blooms"
12. "King of Pain" (The Police cover) (Live debut)
13. "Dull Boy"
14. "Dig"
15. "Happy?"

Coal Chamber Setlist — July 20, 2023 (via

Coal Chamber
Steve Thrasher for Inkcarceration Festival

01. "Loco"
02. "Fiend"
03. "Big Truck"
04. "I.O.U. Nothing"
05. "Rowboat" (Flood cover)
06. "Drove"
07. "El Cu Cuy"
08. "Dark Days"
09. "Oddity"
10. "Another Nail in the Coffin"
11. "Something Told Me"
12. "Sway"

GWAR Setlist — July 20, 2023 (via

Lexie Alley / Danny Wimmer Presents
Lexie Alley / Danny Wimmer Presents

01. "Hail, Genocide!"
02. "The Cutter"
03. "Mother Fucking Liar"
04. "Ratcatcher"
05. "Completely Fucked"
06. "Let Us Slay"
07. "Fuck This Place"

Nonpoint Setlist — July 20, 2023 (via

Francesca Ludikar

01. "What a Day"
02. "Victim"
03. "Dodge Your Destiny"
04. "A Million Watts" (live debut)
05. "Ruthless"
06. "Bullet With a Name"

Butcher Babies Setlist — July 20, 2023 (via

Lexie Alley for Aftershock Festival
Lexie Alley for Aftershock Festival

"Monsters Ball"

* a complete setlist has not been uploaded at the time of publication

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