What is Linkin Park's heaviest song? That was a topic that's yielded plenty of discussion on Reddit, with fans zeroing in on several candidates from the band's hard-hitting catalog.

Sure, Linkin Park could tap into some pop sensibilities, evolving beyond the aggressive sounds that dominated their early career. But with Chester Bennington possessing one of the great vocal screams in rock music, they could get heavy with the best of them. So what is Linkin Park's heaviest song? Let's get into the discussion.

What Is Linkin Park's Heaviest / Most Angry Song?

The original question posed by the Reddit user in Linkin Park's thread asked, "In your opinion, what is the heaviest / most angry Linkin Park song?" The "most angry" adds another qualifier which could explain some of the responses to the question.

The author suggested "Hit the Floor," the Meteora deeper cut that features aggressive guitars, Mike Shinoda's rapped verses and Chester Bennington's yelling of "One minute you're on top" repeated throughout the chorus in contrast to Shinoda's countered lines. The comment received over 130 votes, but was not the most upvoted track in the thread. Below the video, we take a look at some of the other most mentioned suggestions and fan comments.

Linkin Park, "Hit the Floor"

What Did Linkin Park Reddit Users Vote as the Band's Heaviest Song?

That accolade seems to be going to "Given Up," the Minutes to Midnight hit song that was brought up multiple times including in one initial comment that amassed over 200 votes. See what fans said:

  • I thought this would be every comment. It's in a different league than all their other songs in terms of anger.
  • Figured this would be #1. Have you ever heard a longer scream in any other song?
  • And that long sustained scream really adds to it.

Linkin Park, "Given Up"


Fan favorite "QWERTY" was another popular choice. The song was recorded during the Minutes to Midnight sessions, but was first issued as part of the band's LP Underground 6.0 compilation for their fans. It was recently added to their career-spanning Papercuts compilation.

The only other suggestion registering over 100 votes on Reddit, fans were ready to step up to recommend "QWERTY" as the heaviest / most angry song.

  • QWERTY in my opinion takes the cake on that one. Just nonstop aggression from point A to point B
  • Why isn’t this voted higher?
  • After listening to QWERTY, I'm thinking its this

Linkin Park, "QWERTY"

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Here's another deeper cut, with "Blackout" from the band's A Thousand Suns album getting most of its voting action (over 80 upvotes) off one comment and responses.

  • How on earth has no one mentioned Blackout ??? That song is one of the angriest song they’ve made. It literally started off as Chester just making angry noises into a mic and then they rolled with that tone.
  • The ending is too beautiful, the anger just floats away lmao
  • I listened to A Thousand Suns for the first time yesterday (new fan), and till now, it is the angriest Chester has sounded. I'm listening to all albums in full.

Linkin Park, "Blackout"

What Else Was Mentioned?

"No More Sorrow," "War" and the live version of "A Place for My Head" from the Live in Texas album got the most other mentions in the thread. Fans also weighed in on "Don't Stay," "By Myself," "Carousel," "Victimized," "Keys to the Kingdom," "Lies Greed Misery," A Line in the Sand" and some of the band's bigger songs such as "One Step Closer," "Faint" and "Pts.Of.Athrty."

  • I have to say No More Sorrow. Theres something about the way that intro guitar sets the tone, then how it all comes in at once before Chesters really pissed off tone in the verses unlike any other song he’s done. Also because of what the song is about.
  • No More Sorrow. It has almost non-stop low tuned chugging riffs, and Chester is absolutely furious for the whole song. Even QWERTY and Given Up have some chill parts in them, NMS is just an onslaught of anger and chug.
  • (on A Place for My Head - Live in Texas) Thank god someone mentioned the holy grail. that performance was a big part of why I play live music for sure
  • Don't Stay for most angry. Just based on Chester's delivery
  • Why everyone forget about War
  • Surprised everyone forgets KEYS TO THE KINGDOM
  • Not angriest, but heaviest has to be points of authority. That riff is awesome
  • Really surprised at the lack of LIES GREED MISERY comments. It is not in many LP songs that the lyrics wish suffering upon somebody like that.
  • heaviest would be 'a line in the sand' cus Chester goes god mode & he continous to keeps getting more intense with each passing second. angriest song would probably be qwerty imo. or one step closer cus of the hook. (would put given up cus its more of a sad song)

Check out the full thread here.

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