While there has been plenty of grumbling after the recent decision by Twitter to remove the blue verified check marks from accounts for those not signing up to the subscription system, there are actually some rockers who have signed up. Jack Osbourne now has the Twitter verified blue check mark, and he explained his rationale behind agreeing to pay the fee that many have balked at.

"So I paid for the blue check mark. I did it because whether you like it or not twitter is the largest free speech platform on earth," explained Osbourne. "I will also support free speech. Even if I don’t agree with it what some people say. I’ll play my $8 a month to help keep this platform alive."

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Osbourne's explanation yielded a wealth of reaction, with many lauding Jack for his stance. "I wish more people would think like you brother," stated one Twitter follower, while another added, "That is exactly why I paid and the only reason I did. It’s too important for humanity." "Exactly why a nobody like me paid 8$. Free speech isn’t free. Never has been," said another.

Meanwhile another fan noted one of the flaws in the reasoning, stating, "Which is fair. Here's the problem with buying them, however. Anyone can buy one, and claim to be someone else. This defeats the entire purpose of verification." See more of the reaction below. And you can revisit some of the rocker reactions after the blue check verification marks were removed last week right here.

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