Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Butler have teamed up in the band's new music video for "So Much (for) Stardust," released Wednesday, marking the return of "emo Jimmy Butler."

Allow us to recap. For those not versed in professional basketball theatrics, Butler, the NBA star forward for the Miami Heat, made a spectacle of 2023 BA Media Day last year by sporting a complete emo makeover that included long straightened hair with pierced lips, nose, eyebrow and black fingernail paint. ("I'm very emotional right now," he said at the time.)

Subsequently, how could an emo act like Fall Out Boy pass up an opportunity for wide-reaching cultural synergy by wrangling emo Jimmy for a music video appearance?

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So that's what they did. In the Brendan Walter-directed clip for Fall Out Boy's So Much (for) Stardust title track, emo Jimmy is all dressed up like a cowboy as he mimes along with the tune's lyrics and dances to the driving beat of the Chicago-born pop-punkers.

Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz also shows up dressed in Western duds.

"This ain't our first rodeo," Fall Out Boy said on Wednesday. Watch the new music video below.

And you can catch the Boys on tour with another emo Jimmy — Jimmy Eat World — through April on the "So Much For (2our) Dust" tour.

Fall Out Boy, "So Much (for) Stardust" Starring Jimmy Butler

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