Bring Me the Horizon have caused a bit of an uproar online, with a promotional ad for their tour mentioning Jesus receiving backlash from a portion of their fan base.

The group has a series of dates on the horizon in Australia with Sleep Token, Make Them Suffer and Daine, and they've been trotting out promotional ads for each of the dates with the lineup set times in each city while also talking up the second installment in their Post Human EP series. But a post on April 20 teasing the Queensland show in Australia came accompanied by the divisive "Jesus" comment.

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The post teases: "NEX GEN presents [Dreamseeker variant] 2024 OST+ A Post Human Study (phase II)." That's then followed by the comment, "If Jesus Christ returns, well just kill that fucker 2X," with a lowercase follow-up comment that reads, "what the hell is fucking wrong with me? I guess there's no remedy."

How Fans Reacted to the Posting

The posting has drawn a wealth of comments, some defending the band while others stating that they've lost a fan forever as a result of the ad. One of the overwhelming sentiments is surprise from longtime fans that the group's atheist views weren't already something known by those responding negatively.

"Lmaoooo how is everyone only just learning they’re atheist. Has no one ever listened to any of their music????????," asked one person on the X thread. A second added, "Have the christians in these replies ever even listened to bmth? my favorite bmth hoodie that i wear all the time literally says 'when you die the only kingdom you'll see if 2ft wide and 6ft deep' like this isn't new."

Others have called out the group for what they feel is a bit of a calculated move to be more edgy.

There were some that stepped up in defense of the band. One fan noted, "Music slaps, their religion none of my business, non issue. Also sorry on behalf of the snowflake Christians that didn't read the bible properly," while citing 1 Corinthians 5:12. Another added, "It's so entertaining how Christians listen to punk/metal bands but then get SO offended when they start bashing on Jesus. Idk what you expected."

Some found the humor in their argument, with one person noting, "If the Christians are so offended about this, they can always just forgive the band, I thought that was their whole thing?" Another stated to the group, "That doesn’t sound very atheistic. If you genuinely didn’t believe, you wouldn’t go out of your way to be blasphemous. What happened to you that made you this angry at God?"

But a lot clearly felt the band crossed a line that they would not return from. Some of those comments can be viewed below.

Bring Me the Horizon in 2024

As stated, Bring Me the Horizon are getting closer to their highly anticipated second installment of the Post Human series. Pre-orders are being taken for the NEX GEN release. And the band will play a few dates later this month before starting off a European run in June. Ticketing info can be found at the band's website.

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