It won't be long before we hear new music from Korn, according to Brian "Head" Welch. The guitarist was recently featured as a guest on Joe Rogan's The Joe Kingdom Perspectiveand he said that new music will be coming from the band next year.

Korn's last studio album Requiem came out in February of 2022, and right around that time, frontman Jonathan Davis revealed that they were already working on its follow-up. It'll be their 15th record since their self-titled debut came out in 1994.

Head didn't give a lot of detail about the music or the band's plans for releasing it, but toward the end of the podcast episode, he teased, "Yeah, new music coming out next year. I don't know, we're just kind of in hiding right now, just doing our own thing."

The guitarist also hinted that there will be some celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Korn next year.

"It's just crazy how the lord just restored everything," he continued. "A couple of members are on break too, and I took... or, one's out of the band, but one's on break. And it's just, it's all good. I mean, I was gone almost a decade and I came back. I've been back a decade, so you just never know what's gonna happen."

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See the full episode below. It's the second installment of a two-part special, that also features clips from one of Joe Rogan's interviews with Maynard James Keenan.

While we don't know for sure when we'll hear new music from Korn, we at least know they have a collaboration with Adidas dropping next month — so that's something to look forward to. They're also set to perform at Sacramento's Aftershock Festival on Oct. 7.

Brian 'Head' Welch Says New Korn Music Is Coming Next Year

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