These are rock music's greatest mustaches.

Get ready to embark on a hairy journey through the annals of rock and metal, where facial hair takes center stage and upper lips steal the spotlight.

After all, why does a good mustache make a rock star look so compelling and… distinguished? There's something truly magical about it. And there are many legendary mustaches that have graced the faces of iconic rock musicians.

Have you ever found yourself admiring the mustache of a famous rocker? Maybe you wondered why they chose to frame their face with that interesting arc of hair. And that's part of the exciting mystery of mustaches. Every follicle holds a story.

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But let's go beyond just the familiar classic rock greats of rock star 'staches, although they all still appear here. Let's really let our (facial) hair down and comb through all of rock and metal for the best mustaches. Be prepared for a couple of left turns. (Notwithstanding the question if beards make metal heavier.)

Most Amazing Rock Star Mustaches

Grab your air guitar and raise a glass to the greatest mustaches in rock. Because sometimes, it's not just about the music, it's about the majestic facial fuzz that accompanies it.

Keep reading below to see the best mustaches in rock.

The 35 Best Mustaches in Rock Music

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