Evanescence's Amy Lee has responded to rumors that she's Linkin Park's new vocalist, denying the rumor but offering an eye-opening response to the possibility of doing something with the band.

Why Fans Might Think Amy Lee Could Be Linkin Park's Singer

Speculation about Linkin Park's potential return has ramped up over the last month, as Orgy singer Jay Gordon revealed in a radio interview that he had heard that the band was planning on continuing, before adding, "I heard they got a girl singer now. That's what I heard." Gordon later attempted to walk back the comment a bit, and then issued a statement a day after news of his comments were shared by multiple outlets.

Stating that he actually knew nothing about the band's plan, he suggested that his words were taken out of context and that he had never brought it up despite the video interview showing that he was the first person to broach the subject of a new singer in the discussion.

In the time since, fans have started connecting the dots with female singers that might have the potential to handle Linkin Park's wide range of aggressively heavy and more melodic material once sung by the late Chester Bennington. Lee would certainly fit that bill with one of rock's more powerful voices.

What Amy Lee Said About the Linkin Park Singer Rumor

Lee was asked about the the rumor that she was a fan favorite to fill the Linkin Park void by Canada's iHeart Radio during an interview. While the singer seemed flattered by the suggestion, she denied her involvement with the group.

"That is an incredible compliment," responded the vocalist. "I have not heard that. No, I have not been contacted [by Linkin Park] or anything like that. But [I'm a] huge fan feel like our worlds, our fanbases are a lot of the same people."

Lee revealed that she had crossed paths with the band once prior at a studio during a period when they were making the Fallen album and she got to have a conversation with Chester Bennington.

She then confirmed that it was not true that she was the band's new singer, though she thought the idea of being considered a possibility was "awesome."

The singer then offered an eye-opening comment to conclude her thoughts on the matter, "They should ask me about that. I don't have a ton of free time, but I might do it part time."

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Evanescence's 2024 Plan

The tour schedule is filling up for Evanescence, though they currently have a good chunk of the summer off the road.

The band is booked for a number of festivals both in the U.S. and abroad over the coming months and they've signed on for Korn's 30th anniversary show in Los Angeles in October. But the band's next big touring run comes this fall with the group joining Halestorm on a co-headline trek through Canada in October. Ticketing info for all tour dates and festivals can be found at the band's website.

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As for Linkin Park, they've returned to the spotlight a bit of late having just released the career-spanning Papercuts compilation of singles.

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