The Miami installment of this year's Rolling Loud festival features headliners Playboi Carti, Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky, with hardcore breakouts Turnstile serving as the only rock act on the entire lineup.

Established in 2015, Rolling Loud is a historically rap and hip-hop centric event and has become one of the world's biggest events to highlight these styles of music. This year, the fest will be held in Thailand (April 13-15), Rotterdam (June 30 - July 1), Portugal (July 5-7), Germany (July 7-9), Inglewood, California (already took place on March 3-5) and Miami, Florida, the latter of which being where the event first took place eight years ago.

While Turnstile are obviously not a rap or hip-hop act, getting booked at Rolling Loud is actually not all that surprising. The group has historically toured with artists far outside the traditional heavy music spectrum, offering up eclectic bills rather than stacking like-minded groups together for a few hours each night.

As far as their mainstream success goes, their song "Holiday" has been featured in a Taco Bell commercial for Nacho Fries and they delivered late night TV performances on Late Night With Seth Meyers (Dec. 15, 2021) and Jimmy Kimmel Live! (March 2, 2022). And despite not earning a Grammy award this year, being nominated in three categories is an impressive achievement in itself.

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It's only a good thing for heavy music when a band such as Turnstile, who last released Glow On in 2021, can represent on a festival bill such as the one for this year's Rolling Loud event taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami from July 21-23.

Turnstile are set to hit the stage on Sunday (July 23) and their name prominently appears in the middle of the second line from the top of the bill, a seriously high placement considering their musical style doesn't match the fest's usual intentions.

View the full lineup below and head to the Rolling Loud Miami website for more details.

Catch Turnstile on tour at these dates and head here for tickets.

Rolling Loud Miami 2023 Lineup

Rolling Loud Miami 2023
Rolling Loud Miami

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