A career as a police dog is not likely in its future, but this golden retriever was still a very good dog.

A recent video shared on social media by We Rate Dogs captured the moment a curious golden retriever wins over a man who apparently just broke into the dog's home.

In the 82-second video, the alleged robber is seen attempting to ride off on a bicycle he reportedly found in the owner's garage.

Seconds later, the dog comes bounding into the garage to inspect the scene.

Instead of peddling the bike down the driveway, the alleged robber stops to offer up some pets to the pup.

"Alright, 'cause you're so cool, come here," the man says while bending down to greet the dog.

We Rate Dogs via Twitter
We Rate Dogs via Twitter

The golden retriever eventually decides head pets aren't enough before laying down on its back for some belly rubs.

"Your dad should know not to leave your garage open," the man tells the dog.

The pet session ends with the man riding the bike off into the darkness as the dog watches his exit.

"The golden significantly misunderstood the assignment, but we're giving them a 14/10 for at least delaying the situation," We Rate Dogs shared along with the video.

No additional details have been shared regarding the latest efforts to catch the alleged thief, although commenters have been quick to point out how the dog's request will likely help the investigation.

"We did get the guy on camera for awhile, so I'm thinking job well done," Ron Mayne commented below the video on social media. "Look at the tape and catch the guy."

According to We Rate Dogs, "it was all part of the plan."

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