Hi Idiots,

Last week we officially kicked off travel season. Hurray! We started by staying fairly local, heading about 1 and a half east to our friends at Banana 101.5 in Flint. We had an absolute blast. Games were played, tickets were given away, gifts were received, and we had one of the most challenging Paired With An Idiot prompts ever (Kelly's list...if you know you know).


Let's take a look at some of the moments we shared with all of you who got up before the crack of dawn to join us at Grand Blanc Lanes, with breakfast provided by Scooter's Bar & Grill. These two places were the real MVPs. If you've ever wondered what a live show looks like, here is a little peek into what you can expect.


Free Beer has had this pun game he's been very excited about and decided that the live show would be the place to do a test run. We learned two things: one, we are horrible at puns. Two, test-driving a game live can be an absolute mess, but that can make it even more entertaining. This video has no context, but that's not my fault. Up to you to figure out how the gang got to this point.



The best part of these shows is getting to meet and interact with all of you, and in turn, it is awesome seeing all of you interact with each other! Live shows allow us to have moments like this. Why did one of our listeners bring a massive cut out of his head? Scratch that. There doesn't need to be a reason. We thought it was great.




Grand Blanc Lanes was a wonderful host and was cool enough to hand out some old bowling pins for the gang to sign and give away, which is definitely one of the more unique souvenirs someone could receive. Everyone here was awesome, and some of the workers at the bowling alley were fans and were in the audience!


Timmy DeShano
Timmy DeShano


Finally, we (selfishly) always appreciate whatever gifts you bring for us. From a vintage Flint, Michigan souvenir to the previously mentioned giant head. It's never a dull moment when the Idiots come together.


Timmy DeShano
Timmy DeShano


Finally, bear witness to Steve being a little too ambitious with his juggling skills. Maybe stick to something small, or not at all. Don't hurt yourself, pal.



This is just a taste of what shenanigans we get up to at our Live Shows. Our next one will be in our hometown of Grand Rapids, MI for a Live At Night at GLC 20 Monroe Live on April 13th (tickets are quickly running out so if you want to come, act fast)


This is just the beginning of the travel season; we hope to see you all very soon!


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