It's a new year, which means it's time to reflect on the past and also look ahead. The Gang made three predictions each ranging from plausible to WTF were you thinking (looking at you, Free Beer).

Before we get into what everyone thinks will happen in 2024 let's recap their predictions from last year and see if they came true.

2023 Predictions and How the Show Did

Free Beer

Hot Wings

  • Aaron Rodgers will retire and start a podcast that appeals to Incels
    • INCORRECTAaron Rodgers shocked the nation when he announced he would be signing with the New York Jets. He did not start a podcast, but he did appear weekly on the Pat McAfee Show.
  • Al Roker will die this year
    • INCORRECTAl Roker is also still alive and still reporting the weather.
  • The worst hurricane ever will hit America


  • Aaron Rodgers will return AND the Eagles will win the Super Bowl
    • KIND OF: Aaron Rodgers DID return to the football field for one series before a season-ending injury. However, the Eagles lost in the Super Bowl after the Chiefs pulled off a stunning 17 point 4th quarter comeback.
  •  A major TV personality will lose their job because of a scandal
  • Elon Musk will step down as the CEO of Twitter
    • KIND OF: Elon Musk is still currently the CEO of Twitter (now called X). While he did agree to step down as CEO after a Twitter poll voted in favor of his removal and has announced his replacement, he has yet to formally step down. 


  • We will find out Prince Harry is an illegitimate child and James Hewitt is his real dad
  • Something awful, a natural disaster will happen. Something real bad, specifically on a coastline.
    • CORRECTOnce again, Kelly has predicted a terrible world event! This time, the wildfires in Maui. The island is technically all coastline, so she really nailed it here. 
  • One of us will break a bone
    • INCORRECTWe are happy to say no one broke a bone this year. Phew!

2024 Predictions From the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show

Now that we know how last year went, let's see what everyone thinks will happen this year. Maitlynn and Tommy added their guesses this time too. Then watch each prediction and the reactions.


  • The Lions will be Super Bowl CHAMPIONS!
  • We'll see the first human-like android this year
  • Missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 will be found


  • A heavily traveled bridge will collapse in a major city
  • By the end of the year, on December 31st, we will not have a clear winner of the Presidential Election
  • A date will be announced for a manned mission to Mars


  • There will be a major blackout of all technology for 24-48 hours.
  • One member, specifically one of the guys, will lose an eye this year (or their sight). Bonus points if it is Tommy.
  • We will develop technology that will allow us to talk to our pets.

Hot Wings

  • Twitter / X will file for bankruptcy.
  • Donald Trump will become president again with Nicky Haley as his vice president. then shortly after the election, Haley will give him a 'special soup' and assume the presidency.
  • Strong shift towards the 4 day work week.

Free Beer

  • Neither Donald Trump NOR Joe Biden will win the presidency.
  • Apple Vision Pro will start out slow, but by the end of the year, one person from this show will be a major supporter of it.
  • Hot Wings will get someone pregnant.


  • There will be another major death in the royal family.
  • Taylor Swift will get engaged.
  • Someone on the show will come into a large sum of money, at least $10,000

That does it for our predictions this year! Whose predictions do you think are the most likely to happen? Let us know.

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