TGI Fridays used the joy of Friday and reaching the weekend and build their brand, using the acronym of T.G.I.F or Thank God(goodness) It's Friday because everyone loves the weekend. When you pair the feelings of the weekend with mouth-watering appetizers, juicy burgers, great drinks, and wonderful ambience you get a full restaurant of patrons enjoying the beginning of the weekend.

With that being said, many restaurants were watching their weekend profits and more specifically their Friday night profits fall as TGI Fridays were watching theirs rise. This would have those competitors doing everything they can to get into the weekend game so they could stay afloat. So many restaurants began to run weekend happy hours, extended half off appetizer hours, and more to get bodies in the door. This would lead to TGI Fridays begin to lose profit and close stores, which has affected Michigan in the past, is this problem coming back to haunt us again?

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In the last couple of weeks, TGI Fridays has come out with a comprehensive list of more than 3 dozen locations that would be shuttering their doors within the year of 2024. They have labeled these restaurant locations as under-performing and looking to close them down as soon as possible to remain from losing more money. This current closing sweep will affect 12 states, but will Michigan be one of them?

As of now, Michigan is safe from the TGI Fridays closing bug as we have seen locations in Kalamazoo, Detroit, and other areas around the state close down but not on this list of closings. Michigan has 5 locations left with 2 in Grand Rapids, 1 in Saginaw, 1 in Southfield, and 1 in Brighton. So, for now, Michigan can continue to Thank God that it's Friday, but we may want to be on the lookout in the future.

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