Today on Segment 16, it's Quiz Time! How much do the guys know about Michigan? We have a lot of trivia questions to ask, let's see how they do!

First up, fun facts for Michigan's birthday! We're 180 now, officially, today!

  • Did you know there's also a pledge to the Michigan flag, and what is it?
  • Happy what birthday to the maize and blue?
  • Who coined the term 'Michigander'?
  • Does Michigan have a state song?
  • What song do people consider to be the unofficial state song?
  • In 1843, speculators flocked to the UP for what?

There are others...but things get super convoluted, as Joe tries to turn random things into questions. There's a lot of yelling, things get screamy...we lost track of what was going on...

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