Earlier this year, I saw Rob Chapman from Chapman Guitars had designed his new guitar for himself and his company, and when I saw this guitar, I had to have it! I've been thinking about getting an explorer shaped guitar for a while, and this one has that shape, but is a bit different. I preordered it a few months ago from Riff City Guitars, and today is new guitar day for me!

Let's geek out with some specs. It's a 3-piece maple neck-thru, with mahogany sides, and a Canadian maple top. It's got Seymour Duncan pickups with coil split, and a beautiful blue stain on the top.

It comes in a nice Chapman case (most of their other guitars come with nice gig bags), and has strap locks on it.

This is a pro-quality guitar, made in Korea where lots of PRS, Schechters, ESP, Dean, and many more other brands are also made. Even though there's a lot of machine work on these guitars, there's also more work done on them by hand than you'd think!

I haven't gotten to plug this beautiful guitar in yet, but I will be doing nothing but playing this beast all weekend, for sure!

Check out some videos Rob has made of the guitars, and check them out at Chapman Guitars!

Making the prototype:

Some insane shred on this beast:

Check out a full demo of the guitars, in all their detail and colors:

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