The DNR says you may want to put away your bird feeders if you live in bear country because hungry bears are on the move.

According to MLive, with bears moving out of their winter dens they in search of food and looking for the easiest snack they can find.

So if you have anything in your yard that might attract bears, you may want to put that away because bears will return multiple times for feeding.

Things like bird seed, sunflower seeds and suet cake are a lot easier for bear to get than doing it the hard way digging roots in the woods.

The folks in Northern Michigan are already spotting bears checking out bird feeders.

It is legal to feed the birds but if you don't want a backyard bruin visiting regularly, a little prevention may go along way.

Some homeowners in Northern Michigan in the last week have been posting pictures of their backyard bruin visitors sniffing around the feeders.

You may want to make sure your pet food is not accessible to bears. Make sure your garbage is in a secured container. Keep your grill clean.

The DNR says there are about 3,000 adult bears in the northern Lower Peninsula and over 10,000 in the Upper Peninsula.

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