The moose are on the loose at Isle Royale National Park and numbers are thriving as the wolf population has gone down on the island.

According to WOOD, Isle Royale moose are doing well but the trees in the national park are paying a price.

Over 2,000 moose are on the island and is the highest their population has been since 1995. A couple bad winters had cut the population from 2,400 down to 500 in just a couple years.

Apparently this past winter was also pretty tough on the moose and scientists are studying the effects of the winter and wolves to see where the population is headed in the near future.

Moose feed on balsam firs but the trees really have taken a toll due to the feeding pressure.

Watershield is another main food source for the moose. It is a floating leafed aquatic plant and moose love to stand in the water and eat it.

Some researches have put radio collars on nearly 2 dozen moose to track them and hopefully gain new info on how the food sources, ticks and climate change affect them not to mention the newly rejuvenated wolf population.

The moose population shot up after there was a decline in wolves but 15 more wolves have been added to the island to help keep some balance.

As you can see from the picture...the moose seem pretty happy about the island these days.


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