Meet Bear. She's still spry, despite being 20 years old, and her her doggie mom thinks she might be the oldest dog in the state.

Bear still loves jumping for treats, although she needs help getting up and down stairs, but that's to be expected, as she's close to 100 in human years. But is she the oldest dog in the state of Michigan? So far, yes!

Stephanie Fulks was in first grade when her family adopted the Labrador/Chow mix. When she moved to Grand Rapids in 2014, Bear came with her.

After talking to a lot of people, Stephanie felt her dog may be the oldest dog in the area, so she posted to Reddit asking if anyone had an older dog. No one did, so she posted again to the Michigan Subreddit and still has yet to find anyone with an older dog.

Steph says she takes good care of Bear, feeding her salmon oil and taking her out for regular exercise. Experts say bear may be one of the top 20 oldest dogs EVER.

Way to go, Bear. You're a good girl! Isn't she a good girl!

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