The country rapper Mikel Knight's street team was in Grand Rapids, supposedly trying to get photos with people for a world record, but people are claiming they were selling CDs without a permit. Is this a scam, or is it just skeezy? If they sold blank CDs as music, that would be a scam...unless they promote the music on the CDs as "good". Then that could be a scam.

Mikel Knight himself isn't ever at these stops, taking photos with people, it's just a street team selling CDs taking photos with people. Locals are claiming deceptive sales tactics, and other oddities with the crew.

Who is this guy, does anyone actually care about his music, and what's the deal with the street team?

There are also rumors of some sort of human trafficking going on with this crew, but no one can actually explain how that works.

WZZM checks out the street team, and speaks with some "scammed" GR residents.

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