If I were to ask you if you thought that our state (Michigan) as a whole, was Sinful, what would you say?

It's funny, because growing up in the Detroit area, I probably would have said, "YES!" Lots of drinking and bar hopping and going to Canada when we were 19 (legal drinking there and 30 minutes away!)

I left Michigan for a lot of years, because of my career. When I came back and landed in WEST Michigan, my dad said to me, "Connie. I know your show. Be careful - West Michigan is WAYYY more conservative than the Detroit area..."

My dad MAY have been a little mislead ;o)

Wallethub ranked all of the states in order of sinfulness and Michigan came in at #8.  Do you think that is where we belong?

The top 3 most Sinful states are: Florida (#1), California (#2), and Nevada (#3).  And the least Sinful states are: Maine (#48), North Dakota (#49), Vermont (#50).

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