It's the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question, so it must be true, right?

A Trivial Pursuit question that claims Grand Rapids leads the nation in quaffing the canned Franco-American (since bought out by Campbell's) treat has resulted in many city residents rushing to Google to find out where that information comes from.

The result?

The information seems shaky and questionable at best.


Subsequent searches lead back to an article from a Buffalo, NY newspaper article dated May 21, 1995 which quotes that Grand Rapids residents packed down three million servings of the stuff in a year, but doesn't quote a direct source other than to imply to information was released in conjunction with Spaghetti-O's thirtieth anniversary.

Five days later, the Baltimore Sun spat out the same information, this time, claiming Campbell's, the manufacturer of the canned product is the source.

Trips to the Spaghetti-O's web page, and to the Wikipedia page failed to quench my thirst for the knowledge of how much of that nasty tasting crap we pound down.

And to further add to the puzzle, a search for 'what city consumes the most spaghettios' tossed me to this article from 2014 claiming Detroit eats 4.4 million servings of the stuff a year, claiming Campbells as the source, something I could not verify.

However, I did stumble across mention of a product called Cheeseburger-Os that has meat in it. JOY!!

In conclusion -- we apparently WERE the Spaghetti-Os capital, but got beat by Detroit.

Deal with it.

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