Bruce Dickinson doesn't always fly planes in WWI reenactments, but when he does, the metal legend is the effing Red Baron!

During this year's Sonisphere Festival, Iron Maiden performed the final show of their three-year 'Maiden England' tour. However, just hours before taking the stage, vocalist Bruce Dickinson flew over the Sonisphere skies with the Great War Display Team for a WWI dogfighting reenactment. Even cooler, Dickinson flew the iconic Red Baron plane, taking on the role of the war's most dangerous aerial combatant.

Some great footage from the ground has been revealed, but a new compilation depicts actual aerial footage of the 10-minute display, some of which is actually filmed from the first-person perspective of Bruce Dickinson. Set to the tune of the Iron Maiden epic 'Paschendale,' this video footage is absolutely stunning. With a bit of old-timey charm edited into the video, you can see first-hand what a WWI aerial battle must have felt like.

“We’re planning an extravaganza of derring-do, especially when you consider the maneuvers we’ll be performing are all based on true-life battles from a hundred years ago,” Dickinson said shortly before the demonstration. “What some of these fighter pilots achieved back then was nothing short of miraculous given the conditions they were working under and the seriousness of what was at stake. We hope to stage a memorable display which is equally entertaining and poignant, celebrating not only the bravery and heroics of all the pilots involved but remembering the sacrifices made on both sides.”

Check out the must-see footage of Bruce Dickinson and the Great War Display Team taking flight in the video above!

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