Trying to split women from their leggings is like trying to split an atom. If you do either, it will more than likely blow up in your face. United Airlines is the latest to have this revelation and they really don't quite get the picture yet.

Uproxx reports that it all started when Twitter user and founder of Moms Demand Action (an anti-gun violence group) tweeted about her boarding experience with the airlines the other day.

The first tweet of her series read,

To which United replied,

Apparently, when people are pass riders, leggings are deemed inappropriate for people representing the airlines.  And the worst thing of all is that the woman in leggings was actually a 10-year-old girl. Yes, ten.

We’re not new to traveling and flying and we know how uncomfortable planes are.  So, if you’re a female pass member, do you now have to travel in formal wear?!  Noted.  Meanwhile, Eugene from Minnesota gets to waltz on in his floral Hawaiian button-up complete with his beer gut poking out of the bottom, cargo shorts and flip flops.


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