I've said it before, but I'm a sucker for these feel-good stories, public safety officers in Ionia helped rescue a trapped kitten on July 4th.

They posted about it on their facebook page, saying they got a call about a lady who heard a cat meowing in the engine compartment of her car, and she needed help rescuing the stuck cat.  Not exactly what you expect a police officers job to include, but the officers arrived to help.

Officer Chris Flanders told WZZM13,

"They heard the cat cry out and meow a couple of times -- that was when she realized there was an animal in the engine compartment of her vehicle.



The two officers ended up removing part of the inner fender of the car and that's when they found this adorable, very-dehydrated kitten.

As you can see, it was thirsty.  Officers and the vehicle owner are unsure of how long the kitten was stuck.  According to WZZM 13, Officer Flanders said,

The cat appeared to have been in the vehicle for a number of hours and had traveled an unknown distance, but seems to be quite a few miles.


The kitten, which has been named Turbo, is currently being cared for at the Ionia Animal Shelter.

I have a feeling Turbo won't have a problem getting adopted.

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