After a beach closing and multiple heat warnings, mother nature's heat today caused the Ionia Free Fair to get a late start on Friday.

Thursday evening, Free Fair leadership decided, rather than have the carnival workers and attendees basting in the heat, it was better to open the fair at 4 p.m. for a safety precaution.

Unfortunately some folks didn't get the memo and showed up to the fair only to be let down because the time had been changed to protect people.

One family had drove all the way from Virginia to attend the fair. This particular family are used to hotter temperatures and said this weather would have been no big deal for them. One family member even claimed the weather was nicer in Michigan.

A leader from the fair says she couldn't recall a heat delay in the history of the fair that goes all the way back over a hundred years.

Once the rides cranked up at 4 p.m. hundred of attendees began to show up and began to enjoy the fair.

This a fireworks show that will go on Friday night. At this time there will be no more delays for the fairs scheduled events for Saturday.


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