This morning, our friends at Magic 104.9 had the pleasure to talk to Madame Vice President Kamala Harris.

Vice President Harris talked about how she is working with community organizations in cities just like Grand Rapids to help speed up getting folks their vaccines across the country.

She said she's already received her vaccine and explained,

It is safe. It is, really, mostly painless. It's a shot like you're used to getting a flu shot. And it will save your life. And it will save the lives of your family members and community.

Vice President Harris went on to say that not only is the vaccine safe, and will save lives, but as we celebrate Black History Month this month, it's important to note that a black woman is one of the people that invented this vaccine.

The vaccine, she says, is not only a way to save lives, but to get us back up and running as a country.

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Vice President Harris urged everyone in Grand Rapids to go to or visit the Kent County Public Health website to get information about eligibility and where you can get the vaccine.

We're going to keep working on building up the supply, but know that help is on the way.

Moving on to insurance, we spoke to Vice President Harris about the reopening of healthcare enrollment through the ACA at until May 15.

Healthcare should be a right, and not just a privilege to those who can afford it. So, we've opened up for special enrollment until May 15 so that if you don't have insurance, you can go there to sign up and get health insurance. Especially right now when we are looking at this public health crisis.

Hear the full conversation with Vice President Kamala Harris in the player below:

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