"Since day one, I have been focused on fixing the damn roads" -Gretchen Whitmer

The Michigan Governor has created the Michigan Infrastructure Office to oversee funds and resources being allocated to the state’s infrastructure which is part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The goal is to make sure the money is spent wisely toward fixing roads and bridges.

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The capital is also going to the replacement of lead service lines, broaden access to high-speed internet, and expand the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Whitmer stated,

"By establishing this office, we can move full steam ahead toward continuing to improve commutes, keep families safe on the road, and create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs."

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Since Governor Whitmer took office, the State of Michigan has repaired, replaced, or rehabilitated 13,198 lane miles of road and 903 bridges. These projects are supporting approximately 22,800 construction jobs and an additional 21,700 jobs in other industries.

Whitmer added,

"With passage of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Michigan will receive billions of dollars to build on our efforts at the state-level. I am proud to establish the Michigan Infrastructure Office to effectively invest these incoming resources in communities across every region of our state.”

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Ron Bieber, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO, says that Whitmer is being proactive in establishing a new Michigan Infrastructure Office. He said this is a once-in-a-lifetime investment in workers across our country, and the funds coming into Michigan are much needed.

Drunk Driving

Another aspect of the new infrastructure bill is legislation directing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to begin the process of getting drunk driving prevention technology into vehicles.

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