You may not be able to camp at Michigan state parks until June but independently owned campgrounds across the state will be opening in less than two weeks.

According to WZZM, May 15 is when family owned campgrounds will begin opening for campers.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources say state campgrounds will open June 10.

Family owned campgrounds may see an uptick in business since state owned campgrounds will not be open for almost another month.

Camping can be a lot of fun for the family and a great way to quarantine as a family while still enjoying the outdoors.

Not sure if the family owned campgrounds plan on social distancing their camping lots but if you decide to camp, you may want to call a head and see what types of measures the campground of your choice will be implementing to protect campers from continuing the spread of COVID-19.

To play it even safer, you may want to consider popping up a tent for the kids in your own yard or a family members yard to get the same experience and be sure that your family is safe.

No matter what you safe.

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