When you think of the lavish day to day life of a successful rock musician, one thinks of naked strippers bathing you in a champagne hot tub (conveniently located between two giant mountains of cocaine.) The fact of the matter is, sometimes even a rock stars job can suck. Take for example a concert. Currently there is no law on the books preventing douchebags from buying tickets to shows and when unsafe levels of douchery infiltrate the venue--chances of rock stars storming off stage rise to extremely high levels.

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    Don't Throw Things at Nikki Sixx

    Nikki Sixx has had party nights that make 80's Ozzy look like a grandma at a bingo hall. He's seen some things! What you don't want to do is hurl glass at him. That may push him to kickstart your a__!

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    Trent Doesn't Take Kindly to Requests

    One way that you can really HURT (get it?) Trent Reznor's feelings is to treat him like a Jimmy Buffet cover band at a bar filled to the brim with pregnant women. Let him sing his songs. If you have a request, tell him once and that should suffice.

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    Maynard James Keenan is a Perfectionist

    Tool is one of the most amazing live acts to see on stage. They don't miss a beat and they rarely make any mistakes. It's hard to remember that they too are humans. Maynard is a little hard on himself in this video, but it might be because nobody packed him any clothes.

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    Axl Rose Excels at Leaving His Own Concerts

    Whether it's by laser pointer or yelling mean things, Axl Rose is a very sensitive rock star. He is so sensitive that a single fan armed only with a laser pointer can totally throw him off his game, which is probably the reason Slash always keeps one under his hat.

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    When Aaron Lewis Can't Hear, Aaron Lewis WON'T Perform

    Aaron Lewis decided to get into the country game with his latest solo efforts. What he failed to realize was that most of the fans in this genre of music haven't been taught proper social etiquette, like using their indoor voices.

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    Marilyn Manson Likes to be Heard

    Marilyn Manson doesn't like looking foolish. So, when he's on giant stilts in women's underwear, he appreciates when the sound crew is able to give the audience the opportunity to hear his voice.