I know many people consider Black Friday a tradition, almost as much as Thanksgiving. To be honest, I've never liked it and will pass this year and perhaps for good.

I have always tried to avoid Black Friday and the crowds by usually spending the morning and evening in the woods hoping for a nice buck to take a stroll the other hunters didn't get.

Now I've shopped a few Black Friday's in my day and just found it more annoying from rude people inside stores to the worst drivers possible on the road since we live in a world where everyone thinks they need to be first.

In the last 10 years or so I have become more of a last minute Christmas shopper and getting it all done from shopping to wrapping to loading the gifts in my car to haul off to the family holiday gathering.

Over the last few years I have been warming up to shopping online for certain gifts that are hard to find or I just didn't have to drive to drive to the store that actually had them.

If it was a family member or friend that I may not see or an item that just couldn't arrive in time at my house, I would usually send the gift straight to their house.

I have a small family where there are only seven of us that I do a majority of my buying for so I am going to pick their brains and doing a lot of listening during Thanksgiving to gather all my Christmas ideas. So you know, I have been taking notes in my phone this year so I have a few ideas but not a complete list yet.

I noticed over the past couple years I buy more and more online and usually find a better deal with free shipping and totally avoid all the road rage and store rage I may get from all the idiots out there.

This Black Friday after I get back from my pheasant hunting trip, I'm going to attempt at getting everything that is on my Christmas list by using my phone sitting on my parents couch. I'm basically going to buy my gifts for my family, right in front of them.

Hopefully this takes the stress out of shopping Black Friday or at the last minute before Christmas. Plus with the pandemic that is still raging here in Michigan, I can now avoid all those heavy breathing non-mask wearing idiots whom I'm sure would have added a third category to my list of holiday rages.

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