As Iggy Pop is undoubtedly aware, sometimes it takes more than just listening to a band's recordings to truly understand where they're coming from.

Iggy, the punk godfather and The Stooges icon, said that's what happened to him with Foo Fighters — he didn't "fully" understand them at first.

No, not until he saw them live did he finally get the Dave Grohl-led act, as he relayed in a new interview.

The topic came up because the late Foos drummer Taylor Hakwins, who died in March, contributes to Iggy's upcoming album, Every Loser. The LP was announced last month with Iggy's latest single, "Frenzy."

"Taylor plays on the album," Iggy tells Audacy Check In before recalling the time Hawkins portrayed him onscreen in a movie about the famed New York punk club CBGB, 2013's CBGB.

"It's an unbelievable energy that this guy has," the rocker continues. "He also played me in a film. He was me in the CBGB's movie, and a poster was his abs as my abs."

Iggy remembers, "I met him — I opened for Foo Fighters in 2015 at Knebworth. And I never really understood fully what they did, and then I stood there on the side stage and listened to that thing and listened to what [Hawkins] was playing and it was otherworldly."

The singer adds, "It was advanced and powerful and relentless, and highly detailed all at the same time."

"Frenzy," produced by Ozzy collaborator Andrew Watt, features musical backing from Guns N' Roses' Duff McKagan and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith. Hear it under Iggy's Audacy interview below.

Known as the 'Godfather of Punk,' one of the most exhausting performers to ever witness on stage, and Audacy host Jolene's personal 'King of the Underdogs,' rocker Iggy Pop joins us today for an 'Audacy Check In' to give us some dirt on his latest single, 'Frenzy,' and what to expect in this next stage of his illustrious career with his upcoming album 'Every Loser.'

Iggy Pop on Audacy Check In - Nov. 11, 2022

Iggy Pop, "Frenzy" (Official Audio)

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