It may sound crazy but if you are a Registered Nurse and are looking for full-time work, how does a $10,000 signing bonus sound?

That is a lot of cash to start off a new job with, especially if you already have experience at a registered nurse. Maybe you have been thinking of switching jobs anyway and now you have an extra $10,000 reasons to do so.

According to FOX 17, there is a serious staffing shortage at Beaumont Health. It has led to over 180 Beaumont beds being closed due to the shortage. With the fall flu and COVID-19 getting ready to start up, being able to open back up these beds is a priority.

We have been hearing about many companies being short on employees and putting out a variety of incentives to encouraged those with experience to apply for a job. Offering $10,000 sing on bonus should definitely bring some nurses back out of retirement or give a new generation of nurses a solid start.

Beaumont is offering a variety of positions that are available for the sign on bonuses within the health system on their website.

There is a catch, you do have to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by October 18 unless you do have a medical or religious reason for not being vaccinated.

COVID-19 has led to a lot of nurses to leave the job throughout the pandemic for a variety of reasons ranging from their own safety, being overworked or those who do not want to get vaccinated. Plus many have left for very lucrative temporary jobs that pay $5,000 a week for traveling nurse agencies. So if you are looking for a career, the medical field is desperately seeking individuals. One good thing about the medical field for a career is, there is always someone who will need care at some point.

If you would like to apply with Beaumont and get that $10,000 singing bonus just click right here.

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