Well if you have been on the fence about getting a doorbell camera, it looks like they work pretty well according to a home owner in Ottawa County.

According to WOOD, a doorbell camera in Blendon Township, Michigan, proved to be worth the purchase for a homeowner who just installed the camera a week earlier.

The camera on the doorbell alerted the owner of the home of an unfamiliar vehicle and person on the mans property. It also showed the burglar trying to break in to the house.

The incident took place northwest of Hudsonville near 56th Avenue and Stanton Street.

The homeowner contacted authorities who sent over a K-9 unit, an armored vehicle and several deputies. It was kind of a beefy response but officers didn't know if the suspect was armed.

Deputies did their due diligence and nabbed the 38-year-old suspect right near the home. The suspect was unarmed according to deputies.

Deputies believe the homeowner and the suspect were acquaintances.

The sheriff's department are still investigating the attempted burglary.

Now I'm pricing a doorbell camera along with some additional security camera's.

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