Stand up if some unaware grammar nazi called you out for adding a 'S' to Meijer. A historical display has proven you correct!

"I saw those socks for sale, they have them at Meijer's!" I exclaimed to a co-worker just last week. "It's just 'Meijer,'" she responded. "Look at the side of the store. there's no 'S'"

Well, that may be, but a historical display at some Meijer Stores is making people like me feel more than a little validated.

The display in question is up at some Detroit area Meijer Stores (I have yet to see it around here, but I may have missed it).

It is called 'The Heritage Collection' and it shows photos of Meijer stores throughout the years. And there in full living color is a photo of an older Meijer outlet, where the apostrophe 'S' is in full view.

YES, my friends, maybe they dropped the 'S' along the way, but it clearly was in play for a while, and that grandfather clause is enough for me to declare victory over the grammar nazis!


Ryan Redoute on TikTok was the first to make me aware of the situation.

And later it was confirmed on Reddit. Where the commenters refused to let it go.

Jim was the first to refuse defeat:

Meijer is the name of a separate chain of stores that was also owned by Fred Meijer. From 1986 to 1990, both stores were in business, the original Meijer's Supermarket stores and the new Meijer stores, which had been renamed from Thrifty Acres in 1986. The original Meijer's stores were phased out as the newer Meijer stores became more successful in 1990.

And this person agreed with Jim, but added a caveat:

Thrifty Acres was actually Meijer Thrifty Acres (not Meijer's). There used to also be smaller, grocery-only stores called Meijer's. Kim Nhung on South Division used to be one. Not that it matters because creating a possessive out of the names of businesses is a common feature of many American dialects.

Alas, it appears the fight will go on forever.

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