I have done the pay it forward at a fast food drive through a couple of times before but today was the first time I was ever the recipient of pay it forward.

If you are unfamiliar with pay it forward, it's when the person in line a head of you pays for your meal, coffee or whatever for no reason other than to be nice to you.

I got to be honest, today started a little rough for me. I have been trying to get an appointment at the Secretary of State set up for weeks and once again their software froze up at 8 am with the mad rush of everyone trying to set an appointment.

Then I go to my mailbox and a package shows up that I didn't order from eBay. So I checked my eBay account to see if someone was ordering things on my behalf or hacked my account which they didn't but I sure was worried about it. So I had to go through a process to make sure someone didn't create another account and so on.

So I'm finally heading into work and hopped off U.S. 131 to get some gas, then hit a drive through when I pull up to the window, the lady says here's your receipt and I said, I didn't pay yet, she said the person in front of you paid for your meal. I got to tell you, I was a bit shocked.

After my failed attempt to get an appointment at the SOS, then thinking my eBay account was hacked and feeling like things are just not working out today, someone randomly pays for my meal. It really made me feel really good being on the receiving end of someone else's good will.

So I waved a head to the lady in front of my as she drove away. Then I look in my rearview mirror and thought maybe I'll pay for the person behind me. I may have blew future good karma but the two guys behind me were really big guys and looked really hungry and I thought, I'm not sure I want to roll the pay it forward dice on their meal and drove away eating my free breakfast sandwich.

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