Michigan's I Prevail have announced a fall U.S. tour - and they're coming to rock Grand Rapids this fall!

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I Prevail are coming to GLC Live at 20 Monroe Sunday, October 8, 2022. They'll be bringing along Pierce the Veil, Fit For A King, and Yours Truly.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, June 24th at 10a.m. here.

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I Prevail recently release the new song "Body Bag", from their upcoming album True Power. 

This is the band's first album since 2019's Trauma.

Singer Brian Burkheiser said in a release,

'Trauma' was a very reflective record. I'd struggled with a major vocal injury and had been wondering whether I wanted to continue doing this thing at all. Eric [Vanlerberghe, vocals] had also lost his best friend over that same time, so there was a lot of heartache behind it. With 'True Power', we were going into a new phase. After taking that trauma and figuring out how to channel it, you find this sense of newfound confidence and an ability to grow as a person: to become truly yourself. We took a 'no rules' mentality into the songwriting, and a lot of it is heavy as fuck, but the songs sound as diverse as they've ever been, too. There is a song on the record called 'There's Fear In Letting Go', and that became a huge mantra for us. Yeah, it can be scary letting go of things, but it can also help you take back everything that's yours: which is exactly what we've done on this album."

The new album will be out August 19. You can check out track listing and artwork here.

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