I Prevail unleashed the furious new song "Body Bag" on Friday (June 17). It's the first single from the metalcore outfit's forthcoming album True Power, according to Lambgoat and Revolver. Hear it and see the album artwork and track list below.

True Power will be the band's first studio effort since 2019's Trauma, which contains singles such as "Breaking Down" and "Bow Down." I Prevail made a name for themselves in 2014 with a viral metal cover of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space." The I Prevail version went platinum after reaching No. 90 on the Hot 100 and No. 9 on Billboard's Hot Rock Songs.

In 2019, I Prevail's clean vocalist, Brian Burkheiser, told the Chicago Tribune how he felt as the rendition raised the band's profile.

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"We put the cover out, and oh, my Lord. It was the biggest afterthought," he explained. "Billboard, on the second day it came out, posted an article about it. I'll never forget it because I was … taking a pizza out of the oven with one hand and reading this article with the other. I started freaking out like, 'Oh my God, this might actually turn into a thing.'"

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I Prevail, "Body Bag"

True Power Album Art + Track Listing


1. "0:00"
2. "There's Fear in Letting Go"
3. "Body Bag"
4. "Self-Destruction"
5. "Bad Things"
6. "Fake"
7. "Judgement Day"
9. "Deep End"
10. "Long Live the King"
11. "Choke"
12. "The Negative"
13. "Closure"
14. "Visceral"
15. "Doomed"

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