I was driving into work like normal listening to the radio, then I heard something I have not heard in a year, a concert commercial.

When I first heard the commercial, I thought this must be some virtual thing that is going to happen, but then I hear the show is coming to Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. I thought, wow, this is cool.

Although I'm a bit skeptical the show will happen, it sure was nice to hear about a concert coming to the area and that the tickets are on sale now.

The show will be a part of Soaring Eagles summer concert series which means it will be outside which is a plus.

Now the last I heard, we were only allowed to gather with no more than 100 people in the state of Michigan. I'm not sure if that has been updated yet but maybe the casino and concert promoter know something we don't and I'm ok with that too.

The commercial I heard was for Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium and In Flames. That is a pretty heavy lineup that will be coming to Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. If I'm not mistaken, it was a show that was supposed to happen but was rescheduled because of COVID-19.

I was curious if there were any COVID-19 protocols for the event and did find that masks are mandatory, temperatures checks will be required but I didn't find any other protocols listed.

I also took a look at the seating chart and there was no additional spacing of seating so this looks like a full boar concert.

It is a great lineup for the fan who likes the heavier stuff and there are tons of ticket options that are on sale now at this link. There are also options for meet and greets which is something I didn't think we would see for a much longer time but it looks like the bands are ready to jump back in and hang with the fans.

My guess, this will be the beginning of more shows announced. Let's hope the vaccine does its job so these shows can continue to pop up as we move forward to get back to normalcy.

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