Yesterday I received my mail-in voting application and this will be my first election voting this way.

Normally, I go to the polls on the morning of super Tuesday before work to cast my vote and get my "I Voted" sticker but to avoid the crowds I'm gonna try the mail-in version this year.

I think it is great that Michigan is offering this opportunity for all of us. In the past, I thought this was something for people in the military who are stationed all over the world or jet setters who do business in other countries but as I have been reading, it's an option for all of us.

This is a great opportunity for those who don't have transportation, who have health problems or just don't want to chance catching the coronavirus.

We saw the problems in Wisconsin with crowding and lower numbers of polling sites, not to mention that many people contracted the virus by voting.

Having to try and keep the voting stations clean adds to the time each person is at the poll.

I never really understood why we vote on Tuesday anyway, most people have to work and some people have more than one job in order to survive, not to mention if a person has kids they have to run to school, the sitter or daycare.

Hopefully, voting by mail gets more people back to voting. It is the only power we have as citizens other than protesting.

I think voting by mail will be a great opportunity for us all to speak our voice but yet from the safety of our homes.

I'm going to fill out my application today and get it sent in so I can vote by mail this year.

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