I got a COVID-19 test done on Thursday of last week and two days later I got my results back.

I remember Kelly from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show mentioning you could get a free COVID-19 test at some area Rite Aid locations.

So I went online and looked up getting a test and it was really easy to set up an appointment. Yes, you must set up an appointment. They like you to arrive fifteen minutes early, but you get to use the their drive-thru.

It is pretty simple online to get signed up for an appointment and they give you lots of options for times you can get tested. They even have Saturday times available.

When you get to the drive thru window, they will ask your name, and check your ID (also,  bring your health card just in case if you have one. I brought mine but they didn't ask for it.)

The pharmacist walks you through the test process. They will give you the material to swab each nostril for fifteen seconds each. You break the end off, and after you take the test you place the swab into the container and send back through.

I thought it was going to be this massive swab tip that would be shoved into my sinus sockets (if that is the medical term) and it really wasn't that big of a swab. You use the same swab for both nostrils so its quick and easy.

The pharmacist said it would take two to seven days to get my results back. They responded by email in two days. If you test positive, they will email you but will also call you because of contact tracing and what you should do in case you get a positive result.

My test came back negative for COVID-19 and I was pretty sure it would come back negative. I really took the test so I could get an antibody test because I think I may have had the virus back between December 23 and February 14.

In the early stage tests were for people that had symptoms or I would have done something sooner. When I had symptoms, it was before there was an official pandemic so I didn't know to get checked.

Rite Aid has a company you work through for the testing and they offer additional testing and research after you get an official COVID-19 test. Here is a link if you would like to get a test.

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