Hunters discover human skeletal remains in a wooded area of Allegan County.

Its not everyday that a human skeleton is found while out doing some small game hunting but that is what happened in Saugatuck Township near 134th Avenue and 63rd Street.

According to WOOD, Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker said, "I would say that (finding remains) is probably rare, in that, it doesn't happen all the time, but it is something that does occasionally happen."

The deputies that were investigating the human remains stated that the person that was found was not buried nor any attempt to be buried. Deputies say the body had definitely been in that location for a very long time.

WOOD reported that Baker also said, "basically, we're awaiting for some DNA information, some other things that we'll be able to get through the medical examiner's offices. But we're looking at possibilities and trying to tie different things together."

The Allegan County Sheriffs Department believe the skeleton will be part of a missing persons case. So far the department has not pointed to any specific missing person and if the skeleton was from a male or female.

Forensic scientists from Western Michigan University were called in to assist deputies on investigating the human remains.

Right now the investigation is pointing to accidental death but deputies say there are not ruling anything out yet regarding the cause of death.

Just like an dead body, the investigation will be treated like a homicide until the evidence points authorities into a different direction. Right now, this case is too early in the investigation stages to tell one way or another.

Deputies plan to pay the scene another visit when a little more of the snow has melted in the area to see if there are any other clues or evidence that made help in solving this case.

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