Many Michiganders and Michigan cities are looking forward to recreational marijuana, but the City of Hudsonville has decided to ban the selling and public use of recreational marijuana.

According to WZZM, the City of Hudsonville has followed Grand Haven's lead in the banning of recreational marijuana from being sold and used in public.

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the Hudsonville City Commission opted out of recreational marijuana in the city. The only people who showed up for the public hearing were 4 people who wanted the marijuana banned so no further discussion was needed.

November 6th, Michigan voters said yes to Proposal 1 that legalized recreational marijuana across the state. Each township is therefore allowed to decide if marijuana can be sold and used publicly there.

Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Hudsonville have all decided to pass on Proposal 1 where a majority of their county voted no in the midterm election.

Cities and Townships have the power to limit the number of stores selling marijuana and if it can be used in public or not. If you live in Hudsonville, don't worry, you can still fire up a fatty but you will have to buy it in another city and use it on private property only.

December 6 is when recreational marijuana will be legal in Michigan.


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