A dude from Hudsonville has achieved his dream: to be a giant appetizer at at the Outback Bowl.

Wood TV 8 reports that Jake Sievers had been Tweeting at Outback for a year in the hopes of winning the online contest. He made a public push, getting 7K retweets in his bid to wear the golden petals on the sidelines of the 2020 Outback Bowl.

Outback Tweeted Saturday that Sievers got the gig.

He told Wood TV 8 during the above interview in September,

“Some people work out, some people run a marathon. My New Year’s resolution: I’m going to be the Bloomin’ Onion. And so then it just started from there."

The Outback Bowl, which hosts teams from the Big Ten Conference and Southeastern Conference, will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa January 1, 2020.

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