A hairstylist on TikTok went viral after offering up an expert tip for removing gum from hair — and it turns out her bizarre trick works like a charm!

Melissa, who shares content on TikTok under the username @mabrowsandhair, had viewers cringing when she filmed herself chewing two pieces of gum before squishing the sticky substance into her hair and explaining how she planned to remove the gum.

While the American Academy of Dermatology offers several techniques including applying peanut butter, olive oil and ice to remove gum from hair, Melissa says these are a waste of time.

She has a better trick up her sleeve: hair styling mousse.

"Forget peanut butter, forget oil, forget the ice. Use mousse. Any kind will work," Melissa promises as she applies a generous amount of mousse to her gum-laden tresses in the TikTok clip.

"Mousse breaks down gum," she says as she pushes the product through the strands of hair around the sticky gum.

"It disintegrates the gum. Gum will come right out," she adds, proving her trick works as she quickly takes a comb through her hair, the gum coming right out.

Watch below:

The comments section of the video reveal many viewers in disbelief after realizing the ease of her hack — yet some appear uncomfortable watching Melissa put herself in a sticky situation by squishing gum into her gorgeous hair.

"Even though I trusted the process, I still backed off when you just casually crushed the gum in your hair," one user wrote in the comments.

"Girl, you can't do this without warning. I think we all just had a heart attack," another wrote.

"The way I gasped," a third TikToker joked.

Will you be trying this trick the next time you get gum caught in your hair?

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