Any of you guys ever do the weekend house party thing? You know, grab a couple cases of beer, a few bottles of booze invite a few of your buds over and just kick it at your place on a Saturday night? It’s usually a pretty good time, except this time. Drinking at Gippers last week, chick told me a story about a house party gone wrong, way wrong.

A 23 year old guy named Brain Farlow and his 21 year old girlfriend Krista were hosting a little get together whoop de do for a few friends at Brian’s house, and around midnight Brian decided to pull out a bottle of 151 Bacardi and start blowing fire out of his mouth. You may have seen this in a bar, where the bartender takes a mouthful of 151 then lights it on fire as he’s spitting it out of his mouth. Basically a giant fire ball comes shooting out of your mouth. (you should probably never try this by the way)

So this guy Brian takes a big swig of 151, and just as he rips this giant fire ball out of his mouth, his girlfriend Krista accidently steps in front of him! He blew the fire ball right in her face! And her entire head went up in flames! Her friends stop dropped and rolled her. Well, they didn’t roll on her head, they did put her burning face out with a wet towel and called 911.


Chick was rushed to the hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her face and chest. Ouch! Yea know they tell you when you’re a kid not to play with matches or play with fire? I guess the same rule applies to when you’re an adult.