Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor whose work is known and has be shown worldwide. Frederik Meijer Gardens is home to Chihuly's "Gilded Champagne Gardens Chandelier" which has over 560 individual pieces of glass.

It takes Meijer Gardens two days to clean the glass chandelier.

Watch how they do it.

Chihuly's sculptures are very delicate. At his website, Chihuly explains how they are able to carefully transport his work.

My team and I have worked over the years to perfect the art of packing and transporting the artwork. The team packs, ships, installs and de-installs all the artwork for various shows, exhibitions and installations around the world. Since we are the only ones to handle the glass both on the shipping and receiving end, it really helps logistically. To date we have a less than one-percent breakage rate.

A less than one-percent breakage rate is impressive, but still disappointing considering the masterful works of art we are talking about.

Meijer Gardens takes two days and uses one bottle of Sparkle Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner to clean their Chihuly chandelier.

Watch as Assistant Conservator Andrew Kline polishes the sculpture.

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