Today on Segment 16, the guys talk trees, and Hot Wings is forced to choose his favorite tree. What? Yep! Also, they check out a news story about the demolition of a smokestack.

It's a Clean Air Action Day, and Hot Wings wants to mow his lawn. This leads to a discussion about what a Clean Air Action Day really is. And pollution. And this leads to the discussion of trees.

Hot Wings actually has a favorite tree. And it should win "Tree of the Year". Friends of Grand Rapids Parks is having a beauty contest for trees. If you have a hot tree in your yard, take some sexy photos of it, tell them your best Penthouse Forum story about it, and you could win "Tree of the Year"!

The guys force Hot Wings to choose which of the trees he planted for his kids as his favorite.

Then, a smokestack came down from a planned implosion yesterday, and the guys check out the story about the town of misfit toys where it used to be. And the sadness of some of the residents.

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