I like a good souvenir just like anyone else and will sometimes even pay a good price for something I like but I'm blown away that someone would buy horse poop.

According to WOOD, if you are really into horse racing (and I mean REALLY) and are looking for a talking piece for your Kentucky Derby collection...well...there's a new piece (see what I did there?) that is up for grabs (I suggest you wear a glove handling this pile of joy...see I did it again).

Yes, you can now own a jar of poop from Silver Charm, the Kentucky Derby winner from 1997. You better hurry because these jars of road apples went on sale May 1 for only $200 a load...uh...I mean jar. Apparently there is an artist (debatable) by the name of Coleman Larkin who came up with this barn burner of an idea.

There is some good news to come from this idea and that is the sales from the Derby Turds will benefit a charity for Silver Charm and other retired horses at the Old Friends Farm in Georgetown, Kentucky. Apparently there is a limited supply of feces so you turd collectors better act fast.

Larkin said there was one step in the process for making this project happen and that was asking "the type of people that own million dollar thoroughbreds if I can please have some horse turds to put in jars."

Too bad Larkin didn't video himself asking for the turds so I could have posted the stinking video to go with this steaming pile of a story

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