The COVID-19 restrictions that are now in effect may hurt some West Michigan local businesses but there is some hope for Kent County in the form of grants.

So many small businesses were hurt during the first shutdown that occured here in Michigan back in the spring. With some businesses not strong enough to withstand such a blow.

According to MLive, this time around around under the new restrictions, Kent County is stepping up offering small businesses who qualify anywhere from $5000 to $20,000 to help them get through the next couple of weeks.

We all know how hard it has been on restaurants, bars, movie theaters, hair salons, gyms, bowling alleys, concert venues and more. This second mini shutdown hopefully won't finish these places off.

Some federal money has been set aside for Kent County small Business Recovery if the form of grants. The Grand Rapids Chamber will be the ones in charge of administering the grants.

MLive reports that chamber vice president of business and talent development said, "we need to ensure the sustainability of our small business community in the coming months as we navigate the winter months and await further direction of preventative vaccines."

If you remember the spring shutdown that kept getting extended, this could very well happen again for the winter months. If this mini shutdown gets extended, small businesses are going to need every dollar they can get.

If you have a business with fifty or less full time employees, you are able to apply for one of these grants. Just click here for the application.

The current restrictions suspend in person dining at bars, restaurants, in person learning at colleges and high schools will last until December 8 in order to try and slow the spread of the coronavirus. My gut tells me this is going to last a lot longer, but hopefully I am wrong.

We all need to wear a mask, social distance, wash hands, quarantine when needed and only travel when it is an absolute must and stayed disciplined to this for many months a head so we can get a head of the virus then if and when a vaccine really works, the state and country will be in a much better place than we are now.

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