Typically when I'm in the mood for some fish, I would go to a place that specializes in fish...but not anymore after having the fish n chips at the HopCat.

I have lived in Grand Rapids for over a year now and have heard tons about HopCat. I have walked by it countless times while going to shows downtown and its always has been packed or I simply forgot about it and ate somewhere else before getting to it.

Well finally I stopped into the HopCat during Restaurant Week on an evening early in the week so I was able to get a table right away. My first impression was, there is a lot of energy from the patrons in that room so if you are looking for a quiet dinner, this is not the place, but if like a place where every table and everyone at the bar is having a good time...then the HopCat is for you.

If you are like many in West Michigan and you love your craft beer, there is no shortage of beers to choose from at the HopCat. They even provide you with a special beer menu that is actually larger than most restaurant food menus. They even have the beer menu stamped with the beers that are currently not in stock or just out of season.

I wound up getting a beer that was brewed in South Lyon, Michigan, called Unflowered New England IPA and it was excellent. I used to date a girl way back in the day from South Lyon so I thought I would try the beer. It was so good, I ordered another after my meal.

Since it was my first time at HopCat, I asked the waitress what was good and she immediately recommended the fish n chips and their burgers. She seemed pretty excited about the fish n chips and since I have not been catching many fish to eat out on the lake, I have been craving some fish so I took her up on the suggestion.

I was blown away at how good the fish n chips were. I was so impressed, I texted a  fishing buddy and said next time you are in town, we are going to HopCat for some fish n chips.

I had heard of the "Kosmic Fries" that used to be called "Crack Fries". I see why they were originally called crack fries...they were so addicting. I don't normally like seasoned fries other than salt and pepper and some ketchup but these fries were so good they didn't need anything and were out of this world...hence the new name "Cosmic Fries".

The vibe at the HopCat is very upbeat with a super nice crew of people working there. Everyone was helpful and polite. The patrons seemed to be having a great time because the place was filled with laughter.

If you like wood working, you really should see the wood behind the bar, it is incredibly crafted and just a beautiful bar set up all the way around. On the ceiling I noticed framed pictures that were facing down at the patrons, something I have never seen before and thought it was unique.

All in all, my experience at HopCat was top notch and I highly recommend you stop in and see for yourself what a great place HopCat is. I look forward to visiting them again...and yes, I will be ordering the fish n chips!

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